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7 Days Hunting:
5 species

1 common Blesbuck
1 Red Hartebeest/Black Wildebeest/Blue Wildebeest
1 Mountain Reedbuck
1 Springbuck common
1 Non Trophy Warthog
Price $2550.00

10 Days Hunting:
8 Species

1 Blesbuck common
1 Mountain Reedbuck
1 Black or Blue Wildebeest
1 Springbuck common
1 Impala
1 Red Hartebeeste
1 Steenbuck or Grey Duiker
1 Gemsbuck
Price $5900.00

Daily rates do not include:
Charter flights and air fares
Hire of arms and ammunition
Trophy fees
Packaging and dipping trophies for export
Taxidermy and shipping fees
Car hire

All prices in USD